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François, Véronique; Arda, Yasemin; Crama, Yves; Laporte, Gilbert

Large neighborhood search for multi-trip vehicle routing Journal Article

to appear in European Journal of Operational Research, 2016.


Nobibon, Fabrice Talla; Cherchye, Laurens; Crama, Yves; Demuynck, Thomas; Rock, Bram De; Spieksma, Frits C R C R

Revealed preference tests of collectively rational consumption behavior: formulations and algorithms Journal Article

To appear in Operations Research, 2016.


Pollaris, Hanne; Braekers, Kris; Caris, An; Janssens, Gerrit K; Limbourg, Sabine

Capacitated vehicle routing problem with sequence based pallet loading and axle weight constraints Journal Article

EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 5 (2), pp. 231–255, 2016.


Verdonck, Lotte; Beullens, Patrick; Caris, An; Ramaekers, Katrien; Janssens, Gerrit K

Analysis of collaborative savings and cost allocation techniques for the cooperative carrier facility location problem Journal Article

Journal of the Operational Research Society, 67 , pp. 853–871, 2016.


Braekers, Kris; Ramaekers, Katrien; Nieuwenhuyse, Inneke Van

The vehicle routing problem: State of the art classification and review Journal Article

Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2016.


Mungwattana, Anan; Manisri, Tharinee; Charoenpol, Kanjanaporn; Janssens, Gerrit K

A solution for the bi-objective Vehicle Routing Problem with time windows using local search and genetic algorithms Journal Article

International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering, 6 (2), 2016.


Corte, Annelies De; Sörensen, Kenneth

An iterated local search algorithm for water distribution network design optimization Journal Article

Networks, 67 (3), pp. 187–198, 2016.


Defryn, Christof; Sörensen, Kenneth; Cornelissens, Trijntje

The selective vehicle routing problem in a collaborative environment Journal Article

European Journal of Operational Research, 250 (2), pp. 400–411, 2016.


Janssens, Jochen; Talarico, Luca; Sörensen, Kenneth

A hybridised variable neighbourhood tabu search heuristic to increase security in a utility network Journal Article

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 145 , pp. 221–230, 2016.


Duque, Pablo Maya; Dolinskaya, Irina S; Sörensen, Kenneth

Network repair crew scheduling and routing for emergency relief distribution problem Journal Article

European Journal of Operational Research, 248 (1), pp. 272 – 285, 2016.


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